Since the clock struck on the new year I have been making lists (thanks mostly to insomnia and a cat who wouldn't let me sleep if I wanted to..)
Lists of  photo shoots, items to purchase for photo shoots, recipes to try, dream travel and adventures, books to read, art to make, companies to contact and work with etc.
My desk is a mess of scribbled notes, the only pictures I have taken all week have been with my phone, and my mind is spinning. But it feels very right.
2015 is going to be awesome.
I hope you all are finding your stride in the new year, (and staying warm too.)
xoxo - A.

P.S. My shop is having it's 9th anniversary sale through Friday. Use the code: NINEYEARS for 20% off.
P.S.S. Thinking about last year makes me think of this poem.
P.S.S. New photographs from this week (including these Peonies) are here.

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Alix said...

Your photos are very pure, your blog is pleasant ! Really great !