July so far has been...
*Watching fireworks.
*Bringing carrots to the horses.
*Sneaking off to read bits of Molly's new book... though I really don't want it to end.
*Playing tennis (I'm still undefeated among 8-11 year olds!)
*Avoiding my over-grow garden.
*Finally watching Mad Men after hearing everyone talk about it for years.
*Taking thousands of photographs, most of which I won't look at until winter so that I can relive these days and feel warm again.


Leigh Viner said...

I love that idea of just taking photos and waiting to open then up later in the winter to recapture just being in the moment.
Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer so far :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE the first photo with the hand holding the sparkler, will it be available for purchase soon?