Hello weekend, I've been waiting impatiently for you. Warmer weather, planting seeds, grilling... yes, yes, yes.
I also can't wait to hang this new print in my office. It is my favorite abandoned building in the world. And,  the second I win the mega-billion dollar lottery I will buy it and turn it into a luxury B&B.

(I would have posted more new photos today, but blogger seems to be doing something weird with their color.) So, you can find more new work here. 

Cheers! -A.


 Lately I've:
*Visited with these gorgeous horses, and was told I can go any day and bring them carrots too. 
*Happily raced across the state to watch the sun set on my favorite lake with friends.
*Thought my cousin was the most beautiful bride!
*Danced with my family to Janet Jackson (?)
*Walked for hours all over Detroit.
*Ate chicken Shawarma at 1:30 a.m. 
*Carried a kayak (too far).
*Ate the best salmon dinner of my life, and thought about it every day since.
*Obsessed over ferns, and took too many photographs of them.
*Made some garden progress... (though I still feel about a month behind.)
*Cursed at the squirrel who ate all of my beautiful almost ripe strawberries

What's new with all of you?
xoxox - A.