April you were just lovely, exhausting, but very kind, gracious and gorgeous.
Some highlights...

*My girl surfing in the Gulf of Mexico.
*Sleeping in my mom's bed.
*Eating my mom's Sunday dinner.
*Sleeping in an even lovelier hotel bed.
*Watching dolphins from our room.
*Watching manatees from our room.
*Collecting sand dollars at sunrise.
*The best crab cakes in Cincinnati (and the best burger EVER according to my husband.)
*An 8 mile walk with my dear friend. 
*The first spring soccer games.
*My photograph taken by my favorite 2 1/2 year old. (On Instagram: aliciabockphotography)
*Spring cleaning in my garden while the hyacinths bloom.
*The first backyard s'mores of the season with friends.
 xoxo -A.

P.S. Just as soon as I am caught up on orders (very soon), and finish up some projects, I'll be back to posting new art.

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