Yesterday I went to a hot yoga class for the sole purpose of being warm again. After a week of computer problems, and deadlines I considered just napping there for the hour. Instead, I put in a decent effort because there is a long winter ahead, with many days of cold feet in my future, and I need to be welcomed back. During our final shavasana I did find my mind drifting to this day... the last time I remember truly feeling comfortable (temperature wise), with the sun on my face.
xoxo - A.


Jessica lala said...

beautiful photos!

Tina Crespo said...

This made me want to go back to hot yoga. I totally get everything you're saying with this post.

Charlotte | Charlotte's Web said...

that final photo is absolutely beautiful! i went to a hot yoga class recently too, the warmth was so so good... leaving the studio and stepping back out into the freezing england cold was not so good... xx