Oh Friday,  you came at just the right time... I hope you all have a lovely autumn weekend.
xoxo- A.
P.S. More of  this week's new photographs are here.


A tribute to the fairest of all summer fruits...
I cleaned my garden of all of my tomato plants yesterday. It was very bittersweet and my countertops are now filled with green tomatoes that I hope will ripen. Since this afternoon brought the years first snowflakes, I know it was time. But, I have started a collection of my favorite garden memories on my website. I think they will make beautiful kitchen art, and get me through the long winter.
xoxo -A.


The top photograph is our weekend motto. I hope you have a great one!
xoxox- A.
P.S. My "Adventures in Type" series can be purchased here.


Flowers for your Friday... Have a wonderful weekend!
oxox - A.


Many of you have been asking, so after much planning and debate they are finally here! And, in my Etsy shop too. The narrowing down process was hard this year, and I could have made 20 calendars, but in the end I am so happy to have these three with my most favorite photographs. All are 5"x7", unbound desk calendars. Perfect for giving or saving for 2014.
I hope you enjoy them!
xoxo - A.


I have been reading "The Night Circus" before bed each night. And, when I say "reading" I really mean listening to the audio book for .2 seconds before I fall asleep. This has been going on for the last 6 weeks, and I am less than half way through. It is not that I don't like the story, I really do. But I find the reader's voice so relaxing (probably the accent) that it lulls me into dreams instantly. Needless to say, those dream have often been filled with magical tents and glittering lights. And, these photographs are a tribute to them. 
What are you reading lately? I think I may need to switch to an actual book!
xoxo- A.