* Swam here in Lake Michigan with all of my clothes on.
* Swam here in the morning, before anyone else the family.
* Quit drinking coffee again... which I also claimed here exactly 1 year ago. (November and December always lure me back.)
* Laughed until my stomach hurt.
* Beat some boys at Euchre.
* Picked the most perfect green pepper from my garden, and ate it for breakfast.
* Had dinner at our favorite beach-side pizza place.
* "Ran" a 5k with my girl.
* Wished my mom a happy birthday, and wished I was there to celebrate with her.


Jessica lala said...

beautiful photos!

Sophie said...

I just love this post for so many reasons... the simplicity of it all just is overwhelmingly beautiful. Sounds like a lovely time! Thanks for sharing.

Marjory said...

Love the contemplative mood of these landscape photos. Both the movement and the stillness. The joy of it all!