I have been home long enough to do two loads of laundry, take one boy to baseball practice, check my cucumbers to see if the sprouted (yes!), make a dentist appointment (insert sad face here), and buy just enough groceries for one home cooked meal that we will all sit down and eat together on the patio tonight. These onions would be a great addition, if I had a few extra hours.
These last few days have taken me from one side of our great state to the exact opposite. I have swam in lakes on either side, and can't wait to share more with you next week.
Until then, I hope you have a relaxing weekend.
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xoxo- A.


Marjory said...

Beautiful, magical photos!

Alicia said...

Thank you so much Marjory!

Tristan B. said...

I agree just dreamy:) Yea on the cucumbers so exciting!