Inspired by this mornings' crystal clear skies and singing birds, I've reworked a few of my favorite images, gently easing into Monday after a busy weekend. You can find these and my other birds here.
xoxoxo- A.


Marjory said...


Unknown said...

These are amazing - I love them!

Alicia said...

Thank you both so much for your kindness!

SSC Photography & Prints said...

love this!

Eleonora Festari said...

Oh my gosh, these photos are stunning!

Kate Petr said...

Hello! I simply adore your photographs! :)
especially these ones, though usually I find photographs with birds a bit boring, but you've truly given the subject a different dimension the way you edited them :)
Take a look at my blog if you'd like,it is about my photography http://skullplum.blogspot.gr/?view=magazine :)
Have a good day!