February Revisited

February highlights seen through my phone:
*Rare days of sunshine
* The first and coldest day of the month at the beach. (I doubt we were there 10 minutes, but we were there, standing on Lake Michigan.) So cold my finger could not bend to set the timer on my camera. So thankful for friends who are tougher than me.
* New boots.
* New hair (for the boy.)
* The day we ate mussels at 1:00 am, and lost at feather bowling at 2:00 am. Which was also the day I decided that even if it takes me until I am 100 years old, someday I will learn how to play the accordion.

 xoxo- A.


Welcome to our snow day. Though the kids would have rather had a lay-in-bed-and-watch-t.v.-day. And, I would have preferred to soak in the heat at my favorite hot yoga class. We made our way out for some not so great sledding and a little walk.
I'll be adding more photographs to my winter collection here.
xoxo - A.


 Currently loving...
* This anchor blanket.
* Having my photography included on this Awesome Mitten list!
* New poppy prints in my shop!
* These amazing photographs of NYC's Grand Central Terminal.
* Free shipping in my Society6 shop through Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xoxo -A.


Wishful thinking...
xoxo- A.


There is nothing like the threat of a big snow storm to make me long for summer.
These two new prints can be found here.
xoxo- A.


Becoming 10

This post has been sitting here unpublished for the last week with me at a loss for words. (It is that picture with the headphones and her little bald head that always gets me.) So I am just going to leave it like this. And, hope she knows how much she is adored.

*The top picture was taken on her birthday... the rest are favorites from the last 10 years.