Can't wait to go back and do it all again... more photographs coming soon.


 Happiness is...
1. Having a sale to celebrate the 7 year anniversary of my etsy shop. Use the code: SEVENYEARS to save 25%. (The same code will also work on my website if you are looking to save on larger prints. Through 1/26/13)
2. Jovial Foods: Love this companies beliefs and their gluten free food. My kids would never guess they aren't eating traditional pasta.
3. These shoes.
4. Thinking about making and eating this.
5. This simple, yet genius lid.
6. I'm on Pinterest... (Yes, for awhile now, but I think I forgot to tell you.)
7. A weekend to-do list that is 16 items long.
Have a great Friday everyone!
xoxox- A.


New Postcards

Two new postcards are now on my website and in my etsy shop! By popular request I am offering them as singles instead of in sets, so you can purchase 1 or 100.
xoxox- A.


Have a cozy weekend!
xoxo - A.

P.S. If you have a minute... stop in the shop and see what is new!



I had no preference to how we spent New Year's eve, but I knew I wanted to spend the first day of the year here, with these people. And, though there was no snow for sledding, and with my clumsiness I managed to spill a bottle of champagne, and the air was bone chilling,  I wouldn't change a thing.
We all touched the icy water, laughed hard, and whispered our hopes for the new year into the wind. 
xoxo- A.


Happy New Year!
I had every intention of stopping by here in the final weeks of 2012 for a little recap. But, in the end I was just happy to move on. I am still in the readjusting phase after a fun/long/full holiday rush. But, I do have grand plans for this year. More pictures and more dancing... and hopefully one of those will keep some food on our table.
I hope your new year is off to a great start! xoxo- A.