It is Monday morning and we are running late. Someone kicks someone else as I am getting my coat and hat. There is crying. Eventually, we get into the little rental car that is a step down from the blue, 1985 Cavalier I drove in college. (Yes, our car is in the shop again...) I find the windshield wipers to clear away the cold rain.

Ten minutes later everyone is at school. The little car is quiet. Out of the corner of my eye I see the birds and smile. They are my sign of winter.

I park under the telephone poles and watch the birds fly from the wires to the lone tree, back and forth. I am grateful for my camera, for the silence and the rain. 

More winter birds here... xoxo -A.


Soph said...

Beautiful words, beautiful pictures:)

rach. said...

i love this!

love, rach.

Jay said...

I was taking a train ride along the Hudson and it was just about sunset, I saw a bunch of birds perched on naked trees. It was such a calming sight. :)