#12 - Happiness is at the farmer's market

I went to the market this morning in search of some locally grown garlic for the peppers I am pickling tonight. But, I of course did not leave with just garlic. Dinner will be good tonight....


#11 - Happiness is a road heading north...at dusk


#10 - Happiness is a weekend

* Gracious hosts.
* Friends new and old
* A little surf board that was always in use.
* A shooting star... and gazing at the others fixed in the sky.
 * Bruschetta
* Sleeping in a tent.
* An owl calling into the night.


#9 - Happiness is a Blue Sky

It seems like we jumped straight from winter to summer this year, so much that I had forgotten about this week of blooms and blue sky.
You can find them on my website, here.

P.S. All orders ship for free this week with the code: FREESHIP2012


#8 - Happiness is Staying Positive

I haven't been feeling so great this week  Nothing a good nights sleep, and some vitamins wouldn't fix, I am sure. But, instead of taking the nap I wanted, I made some new prints for all of you... for all of us. xoxox- A.
(More here!)


#7 - Happiness is a Morning in New York (on expired Polaroid film)


#6 - Happiness is a Yellow Chair

Where our favorite summer days are spent...
More of this series on my website.


#5 - Happiness is the 1st Day of School

Every year they sit in the same spot. A quick Polaroid, and they are off...

P.S. Today is also the start of Polaroid Week. Let the scanning begin!


#4 - Happiness is Lake Michigan


#3 - Happiness is a Kitchen Filled With Fading Sunlight


#2 Happiness is the Perfect Beach Day


#1 - Happiness in Picking Blueberries in the Sun

* For the 3rd year I'll be participating in Susannah's August Break. Posting a photo (or more) everyday. I hope you'll join in too!