Wednesday in the Garden - July

Besides the squirrels and tomato worms that have been dining on my tomatoes, life in the garden has been good. There is fresh pesto for dinner every week, which both kids have decided they like this year. (Such a happy surprise.) And we are finally seeing signs of life on our watermelon plants. I am not sure if they will fully ripen before the fall. But we love watching them grow each day.

P.S.-  N.J. made us our beaded bracelets that we love so much. I haven't taken mine off in weeks and they have held up to lots of swimming and sun. You can learn to make your own here.
xoxo -A.


shanon said...

So gorgeous. These are always my favorite posts, Wednesday OR Thursday, doesn't matter to me! =)

Trude said...

Looove the vibe of this whole set. Hooray for pesto! We had pesto pizza the other night, amazing if you haven't tried it yet, and kid-friendly! :)

Laney Butler said...

Gorgeous summer photos! I love the bracelets!

garden sheds Sydney said...

That is really cool! Gorgeous photos!