The summer so far...

* I ran 13.1 miles under my goal time.
* I photographed a gorgeous wedding.
* I walked "home" on the island by myself at midnight feeling perfectly safe.
* I smiled at the Big Dipper above me.
* I swam in my favorite pool.
* I drank beer for breakfast.
* I quit drinking coffee.
* I slept in a twin bed next to my dear friend in her twin bed, and felt like a kid at summer camp.
* I ate too many hamburgers.
* I missed my husband.
* I helped find crayfish claws, for my daughters "collection". (A collection that did not make it home with us.)
* I danced in the Grand Hotel ballroom.
* I bowled at the coolest bowling alley.
* I watched my boy jump off the diving board into the lake for the first time.
 xoxo-  A.


Mary said...

Sounds like a fabulous and magical summer so far.

Anonymous said...

that porch is my dream of dreams when I think of my dream porch. Wowza.
beautiful post.
peace n abundance,

Anonymous said...

Your Instagrams are amazing. I will definitely be your follower for the future :-) Have a wonderful day.

Ciao from Florence

tinajo said...

Well, your summer sounds perfect so far and I love the pics you´re sharing!

Soph said...

Love the photos. Especially the crab claws! Looks like a great summer.

Anonymous said...

wonderful set of images! If you are in Instagram I will add your name, your photos are really beautiful.

Stopping by to say hello from August Break!