Seven is...
* Messy haired
*Obsessing about skateboards
* Making salsa
* Digging giant holes in the sand at the beach
* Jumping off the pier
* Picking peppers


Wednesday in the Garden - July

Besides the squirrels and tomato worms that have been dining on my tomatoes, life in the garden has been good. There is fresh pesto for dinner every week, which both kids have decided they like this year. (Such a happy surprise.) And we are finally seeing signs of life on our watermelon plants. I am not sure if they will fully ripen before the fall. But we love watching them grow each day.

P.S.-  N.J. made us our beaded bracelets that we love so much. I haven't taken mine off in weeks and they have held up to lots of swimming and sun. You can learn to make your own here.
xoxo -A.


Weekend blues...
xoxo- A.


Around here there have been:

*Long drives across the state
*Last t-ball games
*Days learning to swim
*Treats from the garden
*Dinners at midnight

What have you been doing? xoxo-A.


 The summer so far...

* I ran 13.1 miles under my goal time.
* I photographed a gorgeous wedding.
* I walked "home" on the island by myself at midnight feeling perfectly safe.
* I smiled at the Big Dipper above me.
* I swam in my favorite pool.
* I drank beer for breakfast.
* I quit drinking coffee.
* I slept in a twin bed next to my dear friend in her twin bed, and felt like a kid at summer camp.
* I ate too many hamburgers.
* I missed my husband.
* I helped find crayfish claws, for my daughters "collection". (A collection that did not make it home with us.)
* I danced in the Grand Hotel ballroom.
* I bowled at the coolest bowling alley.
* I watched my boy jump off the diving board into the lake for the first time.
 xoxo-  A.