I have been to this lake a million times before, but never to this beach. I am walking,  guided by my 3 year old friend, who knows the way. (His mom also gave me directions... just in case.) We cross over the big dune and he exclaims, "Alicia, look at the ocean."
I tell him the ocean look so incredibly beautiful.

Tonight Lake Michigan is our ocean, and we will swim and laugh in her waves. 
oxox- A.


madhatter said...

These pictures are lovely, I love the beach but living in the English midlands it isn't really that near by but I am going to turkey for 2 weeks in the summer, so excited! I love all your photographs! LOvely blog!

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Soph said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures & words. I love it when a child brings you into their world of innocence and wonder! Even for a moment...Connie | Daydream In Color

Katrina said...

These are so beautiful. Makes me want to go watch the sun set on the water.

Nicole said...

these photos are magical. Thanks for sharing :)