The Road Trip Set

I told myself that I would spend my morning unpacking my suitcase, but I couldn't help unwrapping the package just arrived. Inspired by recent adventures I have created a new set of postcards. I think you will really love them. The paper is creamy and shimmery. They are available for a limited time on my website or in the shop for a special price! oxoxo -A.

P.S. I'll be back in the garden next Wednesday... it is a little overgrown from my time away.


I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend, filled with magical summer light. xoxo- A.


Wednesdays In The Garden - May

 It seems my obsession with green is getting worse than ever. Yes, its taking over my garden, but also my wardrobe and decor too... Some of my current green favorites are:
*San Francisco Print
*Green Khakis via Bliss
*Green Bangles
*Green Mermaids
*Green Ring
*Green Bikini
What's your favorite color these days?
xoxo- A.


This week is off to a gorgeous start! It feels like summer here, and summer looks like this...
xoxoxo- A.


Wednesdays In the Garden - May

When I bought these white anemones a couple of years ago I didn't know anything about them. But, they have been a pleasant surprise. My original plant is thriving, and had grown greatly. If you have limited garden space, you might have to watch them so they don't spread out too much. Anemone are one of the first flowers of the spring, (at least here in zone 5) and have been blooming for at least a month. Even with the rain and wind, they've held up very well, (unlike my peonies and poppies). And, they make excellent cut flowers. What's blooming in your garden today?
xoxo- A.


And so the season of road trips to destinations north begins...


Wednesdays In The Garden - May

Garden inspiration for this summer: layers of big, leafy green, with pops of red.


We believe in red boots, staying up past our bedtime, playing in the rain and chasing rainbows.


Wednesdays In the Garden - May

It is that time of year again, when I happily spend my Wednesdays  working in, planning and photographing my garden and others I stumble across.

This week our Ranunculus are the stars of the garden. I have them in pots by the front door, but also cut blooms regularly to place beside my bed. Ranunculus bloom best in cool weather, which we have had lots of this year. So, they have stayed alive much longer than expected. Lucky me!
xoxo- A.