New Photographs - Carousels and Carnivals

I am stocking my virtual shelves just in time for holiday giving, with new prints being added all week, and shipped daily.
These lovely Ferris wheels can be found in various sizes here.
xoxo- A.


The Road Home...

Driving through the wind, snow and rain only made coming home that much sweeter. I plan to spend the rest of this week sheltered in my little office shipping out orders each day (with a good dose of these gorgeous candles to keep me in the holiday mood.) xoxo- A.

P.S. More photographs "from the road" are here.


Valid Through Tuesday, on my website, or in the shop.
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo- A.


2013 Calendars

I know I said, that I would only be making one desk calendar this year, but I couldn't resist.
New York has been on my mind constantly since the hurricane.... and Paris always is... You can find them on my website, or in my Etsy shop.
xoxo- A.



It is Monday morning and we are running late. Someone kicks someone else as I am getting my coat and hat. There is crying. Eventually, we get into the little rental car that is a step down from the blue, 1985 Cavalier I drove in college. (Yes, our car is in the shop again...) I find the windshield wipers to clear away the cold rain.

Ten minutes later everyone is at school. The little car is quiet. Out of the corner of my eye I see the birds and smile. They are my sign of winter.

I park under the telephone poles and watch the birds fly from the wires to the lone tree, back and forth. I am grateful for my camera, for the silence and the rain. 

More winter birds here... xoxo -A.


It has been a good year for adding to my cloud collection... more here.
xoxo -A.


22 Degrees

This is the way all Monday mornings should start...
xoxo- A.



November is here...
xoxox- A.


New adventures in text and type, and free shipping on all orders through Sunday with the code: FALLFREESHIP.
(Good on my website, or in the etsy shop!)
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2013 Desk Calendars!

The 5"x7" desk calendars so many of you have been asking for are finally here, and here. I've decided to make only one desk calendar this year (so there won't be a Paris, or Polaroid version) because I wanted to keep this holiday season as simple as possible, and offer other styles. And, on top of that I have plans to only print 100 of them, so in that sense they are limited edition. I did include as many as I could of my most favorite photographs, hopefully yours too.
If you are a boutique or gallery owner, I'd love to talk to you about carrying them in your shop. 
xoxo- A.


It is that time of the year when I can only think about one thing: calendars! There are some other sizes to come, but I am starting with a new poster sized (13"x19") wall calendar. Each will be printed in my studio on a wonderfully, thick cotton fine art paper. The best part is that you can choose whichever photograph you'd like for the top. More details here.
xoxo -A.


Working on some new prints (and soon to be postcards this week.)
More here. xoxo -A.


I daydream about moving only around 1000 times a day... One of these little apartments would suit me just fine. xoxo- A.


Are you all as thrilled as I am that it is Friday? I've been busy adding new prints to my shop all week. Have you stopped by to see what is new ?
Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xoxo- A.


"There is no black-and-white situation. It's all part of life.  Highs, lows, middles."  ~ Van Morisson


New jellies, now in my shop!