First Snow

Overnight it turned into winter. And before breakfast, or even coffee, we were outside. There were snow angels made and shoveling done. Mostly, a lot of just walking around the yard talking about how magical it all looked.
xoxo- A.


The rain is just about to change to snow... reworking some of my favorite beach photographs is my way of ignoring it. I've also decided to continue to continue the buy one, get one sale in my Etsy shop for another week. (Good for all 8" photographs, and calendars.)  I know there were some of you who missed out yesterday.
Enjoy - A.


Out of the Woods

Good Morning ! It has been awhile since I have been here. I've missed it. So, I am going to work on posting here more often. There is a lot to catch up on.

First things first, like every other online business, I am having a big sale today. This time it's in my Etsy shop... which you can read about in my newsletter here. (Prints and calendars are buy one, get one free!)

What's new with all of you? xoxo - A.


 Today's inspiration comes from amazing patterns and dappled light.
xoxo- a.