Ahhh Friday. Aren't you all looking forward to the weekend. I'm planning a quiet one, with a visit to the market and a few movies.
But, first a little business...
As you can see above the 2012 desk calendars have arrived and are now available on my website  or in my etsy shop. I have changed paper types this year to a high quality Pearl cardstock (similar to my postcards). I think you will love the way they shimmer in the light.

xoxo- A.



The best color combination EVER! Available in various sizes on my website here or in my shop here.


Outstanding in the Field- Part 2

The Scene: Back Forty Acres
The Chefs: Grange, Ann Arbor

(See Part 1)

In the moment that it was decided the rain had passed and the party was moving out (of the barn), everyone jumped into action. Tables were numbered and taken outside, dished glasses and all... you could tell they had done this before. In minutes everyone was back at their seats, bits of sun started breaking through the clouds, and a beautiful meal was had by all.

P.S. Don't you love the chef's pig tattoo?


Outstanding in the Field - Part 1

The Scene: Back Forty Acres
The Chefs: Grange, Ann Arbor

A night of farm to table dining at its best happen this summer in Chelsea, Michigan. And, I was thrilled to be able to photograph the event for Outstanding in the Field. We arrived in between rainstorms which gave us plenty of time to explore the gorgeous farm, and chat with the goats and chickens. Because of the rain, the trademark tables were first set up in the barn, but the staff never lost hope that the rain would clear and they would be able to move the dinner back outside. And guess what... It did clear up, and they did move 200 people and their meals outside. And, it looked just as lovely as I thought it would.
Come back tomorrow and see...

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Playing Favorites

It is the color of porch ceilings, the sky, water and boats. It is particularly beautiful at sunrise. It is my favorite.