Day #19- Happiness is Yellow

Days by the pool, days by the lake.... August you were pretty wonderful.
I've happily added some new Polaroids to my collection.
xoxo- A.


Day #18- Happiness is the Jump

This is the kid who has been afraid to get his face wet for most of his life. This summer has changed us....

To all who all who let us swim.... thank you so much, a million times. xoxox- A.


Day #17- Happiness is Friday


Day #16- Happiness is a Place of Our Own

Last May, we wrote down all our goals, hopes and dreams for the summer...
We have been checking them off, one by one. Some we have realized will just have to be saved for another year. Today N.J. mentioned that "build a reading tent" had not been accomplished. And, we set to work right away.  It is a simpler tent than in my May daydreams. But, seemed to make everyone happy just the same.
P.S. a couple of other inspiring tents can be found on my Pinterest board here.


Day #15- Happiness is in the Light

If you have been reading here for long, you will know that I am not the biggest fan of fall or the winter that follows. But, I try to embrace the best parts of each season.

This week, I have noticed that the light has changed, much gentler than the bright summer light. The autumn glow is here... 


Day #14- Happiness is a Greenhouse


Day #13- Happiness is Here

I'd like to start this week over again, and go back to when I was waking up on the island, with a sunrise bike ride.
This weekend I'll be home tending to my most neglected garden, making salsa, and pickled beets... catching up and trying not to think about how few days are left of summer.
What do you have planned? xoxo - A.


Day #12- Happiness is a Knock-Knock Joke

Miss E. has it all! This weekend she showed me what an awesome bike rider she was as we shared a tandem bike, and today she wowed me with her knock-knock jokes as we took some head-shots for her modeling and acting projects. I couldn't be more proud of her, and excited to see what great things come her way. She is available for projects in the Chicago area and beyond...


Day #11- Happiness is in the Familiar

We visit our old places, with old friends.
We tell our stories.
We ride bikes in the rain, and listen for horses.


Day #10- Happiness is "Beach Mondays"

Beach Monday Rules:
* Pack light
* No fancy cameras - (iphones only for me).
* Ice cream
*Follow up ice cream with a daydream walk discussing our future beach house.
* No shoes allowed
*End the day with a little seagull chasing and dune climbing.


Day #9- Happiness Is A Sun Flare

Have a sunny weekend! xoxo- A.