wednesdays in the garden

this is how i will remember today,
just us, under our tree, with some new library books,
and sunshine.


chicago- the polaroids

...More summer in the city here.


After starting the day on my side of the Lake Michigan, I can't imagine a more perfect ending to the day than a sunset walk on the other side of the big lake....
I hope to scan my Polaroids over the weekend so I'll meet you in Chicago again next week.
Until then, the Friday Outlet is back open, and I'll be adding more items all day.
xoxo- A.


Dunes...Trees.... Love

I have been trying to write some text to go with these pictures all day.  I am either at a loss for words, or I end up making myself cry.... You see, she is my dearest friend for over 20 years, and with this (her 3rd) pregnancy, she is even more beautiful than ever. These photographs were my gift to her, but this day was her gift to me... xoxo- A.


The Start of Something Good...

This next week has my head spinning. It is a mess of beachy daydreams, school field trips, and projects I want to finish before summer vacation begins. There is so much I look forward to sharing with you. I'll be back Monday... even if it just with more iphone photos.

*All photos taken on the most beautiful memorial day, (with my phone.)


Wednesdays in the Garden

Flower of the week: anemone