New York Revisited

This morning I was on the hunt for a certain photograph of New York for a client... such a good excuse to revisit the city.


Saving Tuesday

Lightning: You can see the rest of her series here.
p.s. more about "Saving Tuesday" is here.


6 Things Friday

We went out searching for blooming trees. But in the whole city there was only one we could find. Sheltered in a warm courtyard, its top blossoms had just started to open. The air around it smelled like honey. Just a taste of how wonderful the next few weeks will be...
Some other things I have been enjoying:
1.Thinking of eating this on a Saturday afternoon.
2.Ban.do black label and their gorgeous model.
3.Sometimes I cannot believe how beautiful our world is... 
4.Outstanding In The Field = amazing. And they are coming to Michigan!
5.If you happen to buy this property, please let me know so I can be your new BFF.
6. Pacing the Panic Room summed up Earth Day in the most wonderful way I can think of...
Hope you have a lovely spring weekend! oxox- A.


Wednedsday's In the Garden: Week 1

Welcome to the first Wednesday in the garden for 2011! My little companion and I assessed the garden this morning, and found it to be a complete mess, but one with a lot of potential. Sweet raindrops are resting on our newly sprouted Columbine, which is one of my favorite springtime flowers because of their pretty scalloped leaves.
What about you? What's growing in your garden today?
xoxo- A.


Saving Tuesday

When you live in a little house, like we do, you learn to keep only the most important things. And, if new things come in, something must go out. I spend a fair amount of time in the donation line at Good-Will.
With my digital photographs I am different. I have trouble parting with them. And, I want to work on taking less and deleting more. From this idea I am starting "Saving Tuesday". A weekly post of found photographs that I have never looked at, from files that I am deleting. The ones I'll show are the ones I am keeping. Sometimes they will be random, like today. Other weeks they may all come from the same forgotten day. It will be interesting to see what turns up... I hope you'll join me.
xoxox- A.
P.S. I am also hoping to bring back "Wednesday's In the Garden" this week. Even though it is supposed to snow.


Sable & Pearl pt. 2


Some of my favorite projects are when I partner with other companies on new products. These new postcards by Lagom  (based in Europe) are no exception. Isn't this notebook I found on their site fabulous too!
U.K. friends, could you please let me know if you ever see them in your local stationary or gift shops?

 In other news:
*The last book I provided cover art for is for sale. (The photograph is "Treeline".)
*The Friday Outlet is open and stocked up! 
*Please don't forget the limited edition Polaroids for Japan.
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo- A.


For all of us who are spending spring break home in the rain...
More here.
xoxo- A.