It may seem like a little change, but its been on my mind a lot... saying good-bye to the "Bloom, Grow, Love" title I have used on this blog for nearly 5 years, and having my name on all aspects of my business. I took the leap this morning, changing my address here and on twitter. It feels really good to just be me. How is your week starting off?
xoxo -A.


Mod Human Vintage said...

Well deserved!
I'm happy for you on deciding to take the leap...your work is amazing and your name should be in the fore front.

Best Wishes!
Mod Human

Amanda said...

Congrats on the name change, Alicia!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Congrats on the mane change! That picture is so, so pretty! I have always loved the simplicity and beauty of clouds and the sky at sunset!

Liesl :)

Sierra said...

Good for you!! Congrats on the name change. That is one stunning photo...love, love, love it.

georgia b. said...

i wondered why my bloom, love, grow blog roll link would not work anymore.

it's a nice change. your name was always associated with your blog name, so this won't be too different of a change to get used to. but you will always be remembered for blooming, growing and loving... and i am sure your photography and blog will continue to convey those things.

have not been here in a very long time... but caught up yesterday and am wowed and moved as always.

Anne said...

Good for you! And compliments on that swell photo!!