Good-bye February. Please take all of your snow with you...


A quiet place

I still remember how that little French girl's scarf kept catching the breeze. Do you have those moments that you think, "this feels like a movie scene"?
Have a lovely weekend! xoxo- A.


Some roads you only need to travel down once...



Lightning is turning 1 year old this week. (Which seems quite old for a grocery store goldfish.)We celebrated with a little portrait session, and a bowl cleaning. It makes her so happy. She reminds me of Ponyo.
Cheers! -A.

P.S. For those of you who have asked (thank you!) I have added these to my website here and there are a couple in my etsy shop too!


Winter Love

Their love would last forever....(or at least until it rains later in the week.)

More love...
This series of photographs by Irina Werning
And this one by Neil Krug
And one more by Dan Mountford

P.S. I'll be here emailing gift certificates if you need a last minute gift. (They can also be applied to portrait sessions.)
P.S.S. I've added more items to the "Friday Outlet" this morning that can be shipped immediately.
xoxo- A.


The Beginning, Middle and End...

"The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out".  ~Annie Dillard


4 Things- Tuesday

* Waking up to such a glittering display on my windows. (More here...)
* Thinking about making this for dinner. (found via Martha.)
* This lovely French Market bag.
*This print (for my kids who are learning their states.)
xoxo- A.



A growing collection...


Snowday- Part II

Though this is the route we have walked and biked rode through a million times before, skiing the neighborhood was the highlight of my week. With no cars around, our tracks at times were the first signs of life on the street. And, to have a new ski partner with us was pure bliss.
P.S. Happy 8th birthday love... I hope there are more snowdays in our future. xoxo.


Snowday- Part I

 It is exhausting watching my husband do all of that work/shoveling! Warming up now with some hot chocolate. Hope you are too. xoxo -A.