Sun, dew, beach grass... I can't imagine a better way to start the morning.


Reflecting... (and a sale!)

5 years ago, on a cold winter night, while all of my loves were sleeping I opened up a little shop. Now with over 250 photographs and lots of new friends made. I am celebrating with some specially priced prints. Your choice! (Through Monday morning...)

P.S. I am really missing the water lately... I think I will be reliving some of my favorite days there through the rest of the month. I hope you don't mind... xoxo- A.


Tuesday loves...
* Jellyfish
* This video... which reminds me of some film I lost in the Louvre when I was 14. I still wonder if anyone ever developed it....
* Instagram windows (If you're using it too, you can find me under BloomGrowLove.)
xoxo- A.


6 Things- Friday

*Lady Liberty and her city
*Turquoise Vases
*Colorful Pillows
* A nice phone call from my dad before his airplane took off.
*Irene's beautiful Polaroids
* New perfume (just a sample) but I can't stop smelling my wrist.... and now that I've read a bit more I can see that it was probably intended for men. But, that has never stopped me before and I really think it could go either way.
Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo- A.


It's finally started, the snow I waited for all last weekend... We are settling in for the night with a nice big pot of soup and wondering if there will be school tomorrow.
Cheers- A.


Lost and Found

I know I told so many of you that all of my desk calendars were sold out. But, then this morning I found 5 extras of the 2011 Sea Level Calendar tucked away.  So they are back in my shop (and discounted too!) But, when these 5 are gone, they really are gone until the 2012 version comes along next fall.

P.S. Thank you so much to all of you who purchased calendars this year. They are one of my favorite projects each year, and it makes me so happy to send them to you each winter.
xoxo- A.


8 Things Friday

1. Working on postcards, postcards, and more postcards.
2. Amazed at this jewelry.
3.Happily watching the snowflakes out my window.
4.Wondering if there is enough to ski...
5. Loving everything that comes out of this Panini Press. Best Christmas gift ever!
6. In disbelief! It's time to start printing more Valentines...
7. Wondering which map you would pick?
8. Hoping you all have a cozy, winter weekend! xoxo- A.


Watching the new year unfold... xoxo- A.