Friday Sparkle

Bit of sparkle to start your weekend....
* The Friday Outlet is restocked and ready for shopping!
*Paris vs. New York
*Four pretty 2011 calendars  are now in my shop....
* N.J. and I bought matching wigs yesterday. (Purple hair all weekend!)
*Gorgeous artwork...
*Gorgeous Cole. I LOVE this series!
* A dress or two made for dancing!
* Pink Saphires... Oh my!
*Yes it is! 
Hope your days are full of more treats than tricks.
xoxo- A.


Dazzling Yellow Sky

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence
I've started to gather my autumn collection here.


This week I have been embracing my inner Autumn self...seeking out foggy, frosty mornings, and searching for jewel toned treasures. I think I will continue on this weekend... won't you join me?


Ghost Forest

First a note from the National Parks Service:

"You may notice some dead trees within the eroded bowl of the dune. This is called a "ghost forest" and tells a story of alternating stability and change. After an initial phase of active sand accumulation, a period of stability followed when trees began to grow on the dune. Later, more sand moved in and buried the trees. Two layers of buried soil within the dune indicate that there was a second period of stability and growth followed by another period of sand build-up and then the final growth of the trees and shrubs that now cover the sheltered portions of the dunes."

Just bits of trees in the sand. But, amazingly gorgeous nonetheless.


Through the Woods

 The (finally) rising sun gives me a bit of bravery. I make it through the woods, and to the top of the dune on the other side. There are butterflies all around. Out of breath, I stop for this celebratory picture.
At this point I am really hoping this journey is worth it. (You too?) Only 3 more dunes to cross.
....see you tomorrow for the last part.



I decide to drive back down the road to a little beach and wait for the sunrise there. In my mind the beach feels safer. But, this morning the shoreline doesn't bring me much comfort. I walk around for what seems like a long time... thinking about the way the wind shapes the coastal trees, and what kind of boardwalk/fishing pier/dock used to be out in the water where there are just worn pilings now.
I experiment with my Polaroid 340 to keep my focus. I love these shots. Blurred from the low light, they remind me of how utterly alone I am out here. I expect to see a car drive down the road eventually. But, no one comes.
....more Monday.


Not The First Thing You Want To Read In The Morning...

It is early, too early. I did not time my trip perfectly. The sun is not up yet, and my destination involves a walk through a very dark woods. The sign above is as the beginning of those woods.

Until this point I've been worrying about bears... it has never occurred to me that I should also start worrying about cougars. I seriously considering going back to the hotel, back to bed. But, the place I have wanted to see for years is just through those woods...
(to be continued...)


Bloom,Grow, Love: The Postcard Set

The first of the new postcards sets are here!


Carousels and Carnivals

Can't you hear the organ music? They make me dizzy, but in the best sort of way.
More here...



Our time together was much too short. But, I do think we will meet again. Your details are charming. Your mossy Live Oaks, heavenly. And your glow is the perfect mix of light and shadows. Having wanted to visit you for so long, I think it is interesting that you felt exactly like I thought you would. I really love when that happens.

P.S. Erin and Mary are not only fast, but they were both correct in guessing Savannah at the same moment. So they both will be getting packages in the mail from me soon!



I can't think of anything better than spending a gorgeous Friday morning walking through a new city. Care to join me?  My trusty Yashica is loaded with film, coffee in hand... it's a bit of a balancing act, but I know we can do it. Where we are going is your guess, literally. Leave me a comment of which city you think these are from and the first correct guess will receive a secret package in the mail from me filled with surprise postcards, bookmarks and mini-prints.
The winner, and more photographs from our walk will be here on Monday.
Happy weekend journeys... xoxo. - A.