Our Lady of the Pines

Two girls, two cameras... chasing light and the scent of pine.


5 Things: Friday

*Feeling the wind, and remembering this day. And, how you couldn't feel or hear anything else.
*Loving is new to me, shop.
*Happily adding new items to "The Friday Outlet."
*Getting excited for 2011 and filling my shops with calendars. Here and here!
*Daydreaming here...
Have a lovely weekend! xoxo- A.


I love quotes from famous photographers...
What is your favorite photography quote?

(Photograph above from a great exhibit at the M.E.T.)


5 Things- Friday

*I would really like a sailboat.
*Correction, I would really like friends who have a sailboat.
*Will start preparing myself immediately.
*R.J would look so cute in a captain's hat.
*This place makes the whole day week better.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo- A.


From the Road

I have not yet adjusted to the cooler days, but the light... the early autum glow, I liked right away. 



In the sunlight the old buildings are a bleached, soft gray. But, in the evening when the sun hides behind them, they reflect the blue of the water. The remind me of a pair of weathered blue jeans.

I think I could base my whole fall wardrobe around this little fishing town.


Bathing Beauties and Boats