Day # 25- Happiness is 1986

This photograph is everything to me...
Everything that is good about summer.
About being 11.
And thinking your camp counselors were so cool.
(Mine was from England and her name was Penny.)
I still love that name... and English accents.
I love that my brother and I are both in this photograph.
Unfortunately we both have the same haircut.


Char said...

i love summer camp - i had the best time at them.

my counselor was a miss alabama and i thought she was the prettiest thing ever. funny i can't remember her name.

Anonymous said...

Love your happiness series, especially the globes, NYC, road trip...and more. Best wishes

Paulette @ At Home in Arkansas magazine said...

Love that you posted this... thank you. Makes me melancholy recalling days of summer camp and hanging out with my little brother when we were kids.