Day #23- Happiness Is In The Planning

* There is a list of places to visit during these last few weeks of summer.
* Another for the next year ahead.
* And, those on the 5-10 year list.
How about you? Where are you going?

(P.S. I've added more to my Polaroid gallery.)


nolita*wanders said...

Happiness IS in the planning. I love this quote :)

Seeing your post reminded me how important it is to travel. I just recently got back from Greece and I am planning a Southeast Asia trip this winter and maybe Turkey for next summer?


Catherine said...

I'm enjoying Prague ... Yes, Planning IS important ;o)

Daniella said...

These are beautiful! Wow.

Anna Walker said...

I am going everywhere and anywhere I can! Hopefully next summer...renting a house in hawaii with some friends! :)


Kelli said...

Love the globes!
Maps are the best.
I am a bit of a homebody, so don't often dream of travel.
I would like to see the Grand Canyon someday though.

i'm an island girl said...

planning is when our journey begins! :) next trip is back to taiwan for a yoga workshop but dreaming of chiang mai in thailand early next year with a bunch of girlfriends!

resolute twig said...

I LOVE these photos, and the idea behind them.

Camping this weekend, Hawaii in January and a trip to Thailand is in the works... I cant wait! :)

Kate said...

Lovely globes!
I want to travel everywhere. Really trying to save up!

Krista said...

These are so beautiful! Love the old globes!

Lili said...

antique globes have always managed to stop me in my tracks at flea markets and swap meets. That black one is gorgeous! I think my search for an antique globe would end if I came upon that at a flea market. :)

I love planning trips. I haven't since April and won't be able to for a while because of school but I look forward to planning the next trip I can go on!

Karine Ardault said...

I remember those antique globes in the classroom. I miss them. Thanks for bringing them alive with your nice photos.

lilouka pour JojO said...

Bravo pour vos images , cette série sur les globes est très intéressante .