Day #31- Happiness is August

Dear August,
You are magic.
Countless roads traveled.
Grand cities mixed with complete isolation.
Polaroids drying on the dashboard.
So many stories yet to tell.
Hurry back. xoxo- A.


Day #30- Happiness Is A Warm Summer Night


Day #27- Happiness is Here

Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo- A.


Day #26- Happiness is Giant Bubbles


Day # 25- Happiness is 1986

This photograph is everything to me...
Everything that is good about summer.
About being 11.
And thinking your camp counselors were so cool.
(Mine was from England and her name was Penny.)
I still love that name... and English accents.
I love that my brother and I are both in this photograph.
Unfortunately we both have the same haircut.


Day #24- Happiness Is Not Giving Up

Tomorrow we will lay a blanket down here (or some place just like this) and read a story of pirates. And, I am guessing a game of "I Spy". "I spy something green" can be tricky... as J.K says, "everything is green."
We are not giving up on summer yet.


Day #23- Happiness Is In The Planning

* There is a list of places to visit during these last few weeks of summer.
* Another for the next year ahead.
* And, those on the 5-10 year list.
How about you? Where are you going?

(P.S. I've added more to my Polaroid gallery.)


Day #20- Happiness Is Learning New Things

For about 30 seconds I retained some very interesting facts about the water towers on top of the older NYC buildings, the types of wood used, the height at which you will need a water tower etc, etc.
But, with such a lovely city spread before me, I had a hard time paying much attention to anything else.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, with a gorgeous view!
xoxo-  A.


Day #19- Happiness is the Bethesda Terrace

 *Some places are worth re-visiting, over and over.
*Mid 1800's details make me swoon.
*The carvings are made of New Brunswich Sandstone.
*I will refrain from using all my Polaroid film here.


Day #18- Happiness is a Second Date

In the city that never sleeps we have found a cozy room to call our own, retraced the steps of our last trip here, and ate more pizza than is advisable. I am in love with the city and on one fabulous second date.


Day #17- Happiness is Green

Dear Pennsylvania-
I had no idea you would be so green. So many pretty shades.
P.S. I will miss saying "Poconos" every chance I can.


Day #16- Happiness is a Road Trip

I did not mention it before, but the weekend wedding.... or as I will forever call it, "The Most Amazing Wedding Ever", was 700 miles away. I could have flown, but much prefer a road trip. It will kill me not to jump right to the end, where the bride and groom live happily ever after. But, for today at least I will start at the beginning of my photo taking, Ohio. Early morning... lots of fog. At this point (where my road trip partner takes over)  I have been driving since 3:30a.m., because carefully constructed road trips call for you to do silly things, like leave a perfectly warm bed in the middle of the night.
More tomorrow. xoxo- A.


Day #13- Happiness is a bit of sparkle

Feeling so fortunate as I organize my cameras for another wedding tomorrow. I do believe there is magic in the air...
Have a lovely weekend! -A.


Day #12- Happiness is Black and White

i love this moment in time
the stripes
and that they somehow feel like film... even though they are digital.


Day #11- Happiness is Soaking Up Rain

I walked out into the rain to move my potted ferns out from under the eaves to where they could catch some fresh drops...
Then I got distracted.


Day #10 Happiness is Life at Sea Level

It is impossible to stay away for too long...


Day #9- Happiness is Believing

They will make you believe in love...the together forever, true love kind.

Congratulations A & P!
(P.S. This isn't the last you will see of these two. There are Polaroids, and more to come...)