On The Big Screen- Sex and the City 2

What a fabulous weekend! Four days later, my memory is starting to get a little foggy, but for those of you who have been asking...here is what I remember seeing in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

Photograph: Plum
Seen in: Carrie and Big's Living Room throughout the film.

Photograph: I Like The Way You Say My Name
Seen In: Carrie and  Big's bedroom, above the dresser.

Photograph: Fog: Steel
Seen In: Carrie and Big's walk- in closet. Near the beginning of the film.

Photograph: Swimming at the Grand: Part II
Seen In: Carrie and Big's Bedroom, right of the bed near the end of the movie.
And, in the SATC2 Book.

 Photograph: Swimming at the Grand: Part I
 Seen in: Carrie and Big's bedroom, just above it's partner print (near the end of the movie.)

Photograph: Little Garden
As seen in: Charlotte's apartment.... (a very quick shot.)

Thank you all so much for all of your kindness and encouragement. You have helped make this a really special week for me! I've decided to continue the sale in my etsy shop until the stock in my studio gets smaller. I'm once again feeling overwhelmed by prints. I've added a lot of new ones today, and am offering all of the SATC photographs at a discount there too. (All are printed on Metallic paper.)
Enjoy your day! xoxo- A.


shanon said...

Big congratulations again!

Rae said...

I kept an eye out in the film for your photos! Congratulations!! ~Rachel

The Childlike empress said...

wow!thats a pretty cool claim to fame...the prints are lovely

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

This is TOO cool!

holly e. said...

congrats - how exciting!

kat said...

Amazing! Congratulations :)

Backbone Studio said...

Congratulations, you must be so proud - to be a part of Sex and the City2 - I'm speechless!!!!!

Jackie said...

How amazing! Congratulations - the pictures are beautiful! Another reason to see the movie!

José said...


I quite like the "Fog" one with the different values adding to the sense of depth, while the almost monochromatic palette - heck, I never know if I should write with ll or tt - unifies the composition.

Best regards,


...a place for twiggs. said...

Oh my, I have read these news before, but hadn't yet had the chance to see which pictures of yours where used for this movie!! I am a huge fan... but for my regret, I haven't seen the movie! But this is about you... so, congratulations!!!!! You are so talented... indeed deserved!! Hugs, Twiggs