I have to say, so far June, you are lovely. A perfect mix of sun and rain, friends and work, home and away. Today I am loving...

*Updating my portrait site with some new and friendly faces. (Those are little I's 1st Polaroids!)
*Gathering up my summer inspiration.
*Making delicious popsicles based on this recipe, but we substituted 1 of the kiwi for a handful of strawberries and used lemon juice instead of lime. These are next.
*Planting tomatoes, green beans, cilantro, parsley, basil and peppers.
*Dinner on the patio. (More on the last 2 soon.)
xoxo- A.


Taylor Sterling said...

I love these photos! So light and dreamy! Darling kids!

beth said...

you win !
these are the most gorgeous children....ever !
i wish i could pick some up like this, just to look at for a few days and then return them :)

Anonymous said...

That first pic is heaven! So pretty!