Walking home at dusk, just as the lights start to come on.
 Calm air.
This is my favorite part of the day.

P.S. can you see the firefly?


Diving in...

I am just hours into this beautiful Monday morning but I am diving right in, head full of plans and inspiration, and loving...
*A night in a tent.
*Making salsa. 
*This wall. It's not surprising it turned out so great since Katie is the genius behind Art Wall. 
*A new collection (for an old obesssion.)
*Celebrating a birthday with our fabulous diver friend.

Enjoy your day! xoxo- A.


Wednesday's in the Garden- Week 3

With bit of coincedence we found ourselves at Tantre farm last week, for the last days of strawberry picking. Nestled behind a little farm house we found rolling hills straight out of our garden dreams. The sweet smell of berries, cute animals and perfect views made for a blissful morning.  Lucky are the Ann Arbor and Chelsea residents who can buy their organic food at their markets each week.


The thing about summer is that it all comes at you at once.
*Sweet organic strawberries
*Sleepovers with best friends
*Ice tea
*Dappled sunshine
*Beautiful vintage Schwinns
* Seeing the 4 first tomatoes start to grow
Sometimes it seems there is too much, too fast, without a moment to soak it all in. Hopefully, that is what the weekend is for... xoxo- A.


Wednesday's in the Garden- Week 2

The family we bought our house from lived here over 30 years, and created the garden spaces that we use. I will admit there are more than I can cover in one season... and parts have grown wild for years. It has taken me a long time to come to peace with those areas, and just accept the gifts they sometimes give, like giant poppies that sway in the breeze.



Today we are:
* Resting.
* Officially finished with 1st grade.
*Looking forward to not making lunch at 7:00 am on Monday.
*Resting some more ( right after popsicles are made.)

To all the other exhausted parents... I offer you the other chair and wish you a relaxing weekend! xoxo- A.


La Petite Huntress

You really don't want to know what she's been snacking on...


Wednesday's In the Garden- Week 1

My paternal grandparents had the most lush city garden, and my parents a fabulous plot in the country. My maternal grandmother had a collection of potted produce on her deck. And, so I most certainly feel it is in my blood...this need I feel to get my hands dirty every day. The "work" I do now is the love of my life. But, if all my cameras were taken away and I had to choose another career I would wish to spend my days planting and growing; in someone's yard, a greenhouse, or a farm. It wouldn't matter at all as long as I came home each night smelling of soil, and herbs, and tomatoes.

Inspired by the links below, I am working harder to add more posts here (I really will try for Wednesday's) about what I am growing, what markets we are visiting (for local friends),  and what recipes we are experimenting with, in hopes that we can start a conversation about it all. I would love to know what is working for you too. How does your garden grow?

* For Lansing area friends: stop by Thursdays!
*One of my favorite gardending sites.
*My favorite catalog, especially for daydreaming in the late winter.
*A book that looks promising.
* And another for cooking your bounty... 
*Tonight's menu... chicken stir fry (using the rainbow chard above.)
xoxo- A.


The Story of Braids

I am the queen of wash and go.
She is fancy braids and curls.
For her I try harder.
My technique still needs work.
But we are both sunshine.
And sand.
And Sunday's watching boats go by...

(Happy Friday to you all! xoxo- A.)



I have to say, so far June, you are lovely. A perfect mix of sun and rain, friends and work, home and away. Today I am loving...

*Updating my portrait site with some new and friendly faces. (Those are little I's 1st Polaroids!)
*Gathering up my summer inspiration.
*Making delicious popsicles based on this recipe, but we substituted 1 of the kiwi for a handful of strawberries and used lemon juice instead of lime. These are next.
*Planting tomatoes, green beans, cilantro, parsley, basil and peppers.
*Dinner on the patio. (More on the last 2 soon.)
xoxo- A.


On The Big Screen- Sex and the City 2

What a fabulous weekend! Four days later, my memory is starting to get a little foggy, but for those of you who have been asking...here is what I remember seeing in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

Photograph: Plum
Seen in: Carrie and Big's Living Room throughout the film.

Photograph: I Like The Way You Say My Name
Seen In: Carrie and  Big's bedroom, above the dresser.

Photograph: Fog: Steel
Seen In: Carrie and Big's walk- in closet. Near the beginning of the film.

Photograph: Swimming at the Grand: Part II
Seen In: Carrie and Big's Bedroom, right of the bed near the end of the movie.
And, in the SATC2 Book.

 Photograph: Swimming at the Grand: Part I
 Seen in: Carrie and Big's bedroom, just above it's partner print (near the end of the movie.)

Photograph: Little Garden
As seen in: Charlotte's apartment.... (a very quick shot.)

Thank you all so much for all of your kindness and encouragement. You have helped make this a really special week for me! I've decided to continue the sale in my etsy shop until the stock in my studio gets smaller. I'm once again feeling overwhelmed by prints. I've added a lot of new ones today, and am offering all of the SATC photographs at a discount there too. (All are printed on Metallic paper.)
Enjoy your day! xoxo- A.