I am hoping you are in the midst of your own magical summer weekends. While I take a quick break from the sun and celebrating, I thought I should mention I am having a sale in my Etsy shop.
Most notably:
*I am offering 10" prints of your choice, at my regular 8" prices. (Not just clouds... any square prints.)
*Mini-Prints are marked over 30% off.
*These two favorites (which were both in the "Sex and the City 2" movie) are on sale.

Cheers to all of you! xoxo- A.


This Week In Clouds

I tend to see the best clouds when I am picking N.J. up from school. My drive is through the city and it is nearly impossible to get a picture of the sky without some kind of wire, telephone pole, or street light. But I am learning to embrace them. They are part of  my skyline as much as the clouds are.
P.S. Doesn't the top one look like a little, hopping rabbit?


Sex and The City 2- The Book

I would like to take a minute to publicly apologize to the employees of Barnes and Noble who had to witness me making a scene in their store after realizing my name (and this photograph) were included in
the SATC 2 movie book. (page 155) in the section discussing the design of Carrie and Big's apartment! For those of you who may encounter me at the movie theater this weekend, I promise to hold it together better.
xoxo- A.


The colors of summer... (We sat under the kites for hours. I can't imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.)


And So It Begins...

These days of:
*Drippy castle making
*Humid curls
* Wading in patches of sunlight
*Venturing into deeper water than last year


Collecting Clouds

My cloud theory has something to do with the distance we live from the "big lake" (Lake Michigan). Just the right amount for the clouds to build over the lake and then spread out so nicely by the time they drift this way. They've become a bit of a spring obsession, as you can see here. And, I expect summer will only make it worse.
xoxo- A.


moving on...

Just stopping by to post a random photo and run. My favorite preschoolers are celebrating. And, I cannot miss it. It's the last day of the year for all of them, but for our family, the last day at the school we've loved so dearly for the last 4 years. I am sure bigger adventures await us. First, and most importantly we have this summer to soak up....starting right now.



I hope to have a very long career, and work on many projects that I adore. But, I can't image that any other experience being as amazingly surreal as seeing my Plum photograph (turned on it's side) behind Sara Jessica Parker, aka: Carrie Bradshaw in the new Sex and the City 2 movie. Is this her apartment? With Big?  No, don't tell me. I just want to enjoy the excitement of finding out in 10 days. And, wondering if any of the other photographs that went to the set are visible in the movie. 10 days!

You can watch the trailer here. (Look very quick at 32 seconds.)


Ah, this week.....enough is enough, and I am so happy it is Friday. I think the above Polaroid sums it up perfectly.

In related photo news, the lovely Ms. French posted the most sweetest post over on Sfgirlbybay. You must have a look.
Have a fun weekend! xoxo- A.

P.S..- In case you are wondering,  J.K. is in disguise... Since the neighbor girl was bothering him,  he thought if she didn't recognize him, she would leave him alone.
(Though I am pretty sure the old "Annie" wig and 3-D glasses may have had the opposite effect he was going for.)


Just a few simple changes, but they made things feel fresh, clean and ready for summer. I hope you'll stop by the new site and have a look around. Cheers! -A.


Not letting a little (or a lot) of rain slow us down this week. What are you doing?


Monday Happiness...

*A late blooming magnolia tree tucked into a magical green hideaway.
*My 25 cent, yard sale necklace.
*Waking up to remember "Polaroid week" starts today.
* Wrapping orders with new tape. 
* New bookmark sets in my shop... here and here
Enjoy your day! xoxo- A.