For those of you who (unlike me) are not afraid of heights and would prefer that "deluxe apartment in the sky" type home, I have the perfect place! It is for sale and the view are breathtaking. Seriously breathtaking. I've been told thunderstorms and 4th of July fireworks are amazing too. And, you can see manatee swimming by. (Except not when I was there.) Who doesn't love manatees? Mantees should be the new owl... (because on etsy there are 29,526 owl listings and comparatively few manatee.) However, I did not mean this post to start and owl vs. manatee debate. Mostly I just wanted to say here are some polaroids... for my mom, who loves this lovely view.
Happy Friday! xoxo-A.



If I am pretending to move south... We will need a pretend house. My love would like a condo (for our "golden" years.)  I don't even like typing the word condo (or condominium for that matter.) Something small,  aged, lush, and colorful are more me. Either of the purple ones will be just fine.
xoxo- A.


It is a gorgeous day! Let's get away to the coast via the magic of polaroid. I love the woman on the top right with the brightly colored floral swimsuit. She makes me want to break free of my standard, black and gray. Maybe into something like this?
I am offering the polaroids separately through my website and have added a special triptych in my shop.
Don't forget your sunscreen. xoxo- A.


Florida and I have this love hate relationship. It been going on for nearly thirty years. I stay away for awhile, but always go back. Though this time felt different. Florida was very, very sweet to me. And, for the first time I could actually see us growing old together. (Or at least bonding over the winter months.)
xoxo- A.


When we drove through Kentucky and Ohio last weekend, it was filled with blooming trees, and I rested comfortably in my seat knowing that I had a couple weeks to plan for such sweetness at home. Except that I was so wrong. We arrived in Michigan to see that spring had came early, so much that my favorite blossoms were already starting to drift away in the breeze. But, it was a lovely breeze, like the prettiest snowfall you can imagine.


*2900 Miles
*10 sun-filled days
*7 hotel rooms
*1256 fights about who was going to push the elevator button
*1489 glasses of ice tea
*2 beaches
*1 new collection   (more to come after scanning and film developing are done.)


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