This has been the week of....
*melting snow.
*hearing raindrops on the roof (which is so much better than new snow on the roof.)
*discovering our garden is growing again.
*sore legs.
 *mud on my clean running shoes.
*wanting to fly kites (I love this project!)

P.S.If I am not around much these next few weeks, I hope you will understand, there are just so many spring things to distract me.  xoxo- A.

P.S.S. If you want to leave me a new song for my runs, my ipod would really appreciate it. I am a bit bored with last years music. Thanks! 


Trude said...

If you like jazzy remixes of stuff, Jamie Cullum just came out with his new album, and there's quite a few that I've had on repeat during my walks. :)

Cassie said...

New music is always wonderful.

Depends on what type of music you like though. Sone of my favorites are pretty unkown.
"Carbon Leaf" celtic-ish rock
"Alternate Routes" alternative
"Matt Nathanson" alternative
"Toby Lightman" sort of blusey

Dottie said...

Sounds just like my week, except I have only a balcony, so no gardening.

There are a couple of great running songs on the Charlotte Gainsbourg album, Heaven Can Wait and Master's Hand.

audra said...

mum- finally we are no one (album)

the antiques- hand eye (song)

devics- salty seas (song)

landon pigg- falling in love at a coffee shop (song)

meiko- reasons to love you (song)

muse- new born (song) and blackout (song)

nurses- apple's acre (album)

paper route- absence (album)

passion pit- manners (album)

phoenix- lisztomania (song) and 1901 (song)

sporto kantes- whistle (song), fight (song), and slits (song)

stars- your ex-lover is dead (song)

georgia b. said...

oh, and the ditty bops... have you heard their music? forgive me if i'm quite behind the times. i know they've been around a while, but i've been listening to them lately.

also curious if you might have heard jonatha brook's music. she is one of my favorite artists, but less known.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Oooh do I have a song for you! Alice by Avril Lavigne (actually the whole Alice soundtrack for the new movie is great!)

Melissa said...

Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Haven't heard any of their other music yet, but I'm really loving that song.‏

Ljubica said...

you have such beautiful photos and a great blog, i'm your new follower!

danasparkle said...

i loved the music that was suggested to you last year. it truly is one of the best parts of this community, to be able to share and be inspired by things that you just wouldn't get to know about. my ipod looks forward to the new suggestions too.
i'm listening to :)
katie herzig-apple tree
buble-crazy love
guy sebastian- i like it like that

Love Quotes said...

Hey, this is Rajib. I just stumbled upon your blog and found quite interesting stuffs. I like it. You may listen to numbers by Avril Lavigne and Guy Sebastian as some have suggested. I also frequently tune in to their songs.

Sara Bethany said...

Hm. I'm not sure what you listened to last year, but here are a few:
Bon Iver
Bright Eyes
Courtney Marie Andrews
Sufjan Stevens
Catherine Feeny
Electric President
Postal Service
Dear and the Headlights
Regina Spektor
Noah and the Whale
Alexi Murdoch
the Shins
Zachary James Dodds
Grizzly Bear
The National

oh goodness. I'm sorry.... I have so many favorites..... This doesn't even begin to cover them.

Also, I just recently found your blog and really enjoy it! Thanks! :)