Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.” ~William Shakespeare


On this day there were no lost keys, gray skies, paperwork or parent teacher conferences...


The suspense is just about killing me. 40 minutes and counting... hopefully, we can celebrate together later. xoxo- A.


Good morning! I've decided to jazz up this week with a sale in my shops.

You can take advantage of the sale on my website or etsy shop. (In the shop I have made it easy with some "Buy One Get One Free" listings.) All you need to do is leave me the titles the photographs you'd like in the "message to seller" section during checkout.

If you are shopping from my website, please purchase the photograph you are buying and then afterward leave me a note with the title of the free print you would like.(Please don't purchase 2 photographs... unless you actually want to receive 2 free.)

*Regularly priced items of equal or lesser value. Ends March 22nd.

Enjoy! xoxo- A.


I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be part of this gorgeous book. Filled with photographs from so many women I adore and admire. 
She's a Rainbow, is now available for purchase. Featuring the work of 58 female photographers from around the world, 256 pages and beautifully arranged by color.
If you'd like to learn more or follow us:


This has been the week of....
*melting snow.
*hearing raindrops on the roof (which is so much better than new snow on the roof.)
*discovering our garden is growing again.
*sore legs.
 *mud on my clean running shoes.
*wanting to fly kites (I love this project!)

P.S.If I am not around much these next few weeks, I hope you will understand, there are just so many spring things to distract me.  xoxo- A.

P.S.S. If you want to leave me a new song for my runs, my ipod would really appreciate it. I am a bit bored with last years music. Thanks! 


Blue Paris

P.S. I am wondering where I can fine cute, vintage paisley sheets, like my bed in Paris... (If you see any let me know.)



Right on cue, it feels like we have turned the corner today. Sunshine, and snow melting. Surely, the green can't be far behind.
Happy March to all! oxox- A.