with love from Paris

Dear sweet new friend-

We are so happy you are here. And, while your three brothers may have wished otherwise, I for one am thrilled you are a girl. So thrilled, I have been shopping online for you ever since I heard the news. I've picked out a few Paris inspired treats for you...how I wish I could buy them all. Because it is never too early to start perfecting your french style, or dreaming of Paris. Hurry home... I'll have caramels waiting....

*Everybody Bojours
*Paris Onesie
*French Alphabet Poster
*Heart Tee
*French Notebook
*Outfit #11
P.S. I am sure your parents have already picked out something lovely, but we talked about it on the way home from school and N & J have a few suggestions (just in case you still need a name...)
1. Rainbow
2. Snowflake (very fitting for today).
3. Star
4. Valentine
P.S.S.  I will quit shopping now, and get scanning Saturday's photos. More tomorrow...
xoxo- A.


My Owl Barn said...

Great post! I love that first book.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

That little Paris map onesie is just adorable! All of it!


Vicki said...

Every little girl needs a friend to shop France for her. Tres bien!

red ticking said...

adorable... i am happy to have discovered your lovely blog.. xx pam

LINDSAY said...

Loving that onsie. If only I could shrink my girls :)