Sunny, spring-like (it's over 30 degrees!) Friday loves....

*Discovering summery, unscanned Polaroids that are a perfect match. (diptych here, and individual photographs here.)
* Emerson Made
*Wax seal pendants... but how to choose?
*More office organizing for me =
*More photographs on sale for you.
* 2 trips out = 2 compliments on my boots (the ones my husband doesn't like) = happy me for not listening to him.
*Contemplating wallpaper. (I know, for all the complaining I did, and all the wallpaper I have taken down in this house... it seems a bit crazy. But, just a little couldn't hurt.)
*This dress... to wear on the beach above. 

Have a lovely, lovely weekend. xoxo- A.


Simply Mel said...

Oooh love the dress, and that perfect beach pairing of images!

Char said...

i love the bits and pieces

and the suitcase on the beach

Jennifer White said...

Oh man... LOVE those wax seal pendants!!! Just made a purchase .. thanks for the link, Alicia!

j. vorwaller said...

Oooo, I wanna see those boots! :D
(cannot. wait. for summer!!)

~L~ said...

Oh my, if you want to see some of the most beautiful antique wax seal jewelry go see www.pyrrha.com. Some of them are remarkably similar as well.

Vanessa said...

Your work is beautiful and inspiring! We've started our own version of your diptych. Feel free to check in and have a look!