It is one of those weeks when I can't get warm. Cold toes, chills, too, too many snowflakes, followed by too much shoveling. I am so over this winter.
There are just a few things that are making me feel better today...
*Thoughts of Magnolias.
*Watching Earth with my loves.And, a little Audrey Tautou for me when they fall asleep.
*Lunch with a friend.
*Including french onion soup. 
* New sandals...(If anyone asks, it was Miss M's fault for inviting me to lunch at the mall.)
                           (So cuter in person, So cute with skinny jeans.)

I wish you all a cozy weekend, especially our east coast friends who are getting our leftover snow.  oxox- A.


Macon said...

love these photos - they really capture this time of year in such an elegant way. such a cute blog!!

xo - macon

red ticking said...

these images are spectacular... you are one talented woman... happy to have found you .. have a cozy weekend... xx

Tali Schiffer said...

Hope you get warm quickly! I am too so very cold this week, I just want winter to be done with!

georgia b. said...

these are some of my most favorite shots of yours. i remember when i saw them last year, it made me want to go find the nearest magnolia tree and try to get some photos. nothing nearly as dreamy as yours! i don't know how you do it!!

but you always inspire me... and these still inspire me a year later. enough to go looking for one of my pics from last year and make this triptych today:

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Love the photos! Gorgeous!!

Cassie said...

Yeah I'm ready for spring too! Snow needs to melt and the flowers should come out! Beautiful photos!

the blue muse (kelly) said...

beautiful photos. spring is, in fact peeking around the corner, even through all this snow. I live in Upstate New york, just had our biggest storm of the year. I am ready for spring but not so ready to give up the peacefulness of winter.

Kim Living Life said...

stunning photographs the simplicity and colours are beautiful

Anonymous said...

cherry blossoms are incredible !