It is one of those weeks when I can't get warm. Cold toes, chills, too, too many snowflakes, followed by too much shoveling. I am so over this winter.
There are just a few things that are making me feel better today...
*Thoughts of Magnolias.
*Watching Earth with my loves.And, a little Audrey Tautou for me when they fall asleep.
*Lunch with a friend.
*Including french onion soup. 
* New sandals...(If anyone asks, it was Miss M's fault for inviting me to lunch at the mall.)
                           (So cuter in person, So cute with skinny jeans.)

I wish you all a cozy weekend, especially our east coast friends who are getting our leftover snow.  oxox- A.


Oops.... look what I found... there are 4 that need a good home. Nearly free, (except for shipping.)
xoxo- A.

(That was quick! They are now all sold out, and on their way to a better place !)


SALE- on canvas

Since the new year, I have been seeing a lot more interest in my canvas pieces than ususal. And, then it occurred to me that I have never really talked about photographs on canvas here. In case you didn't know:
*Most all of my photographs can be printed on canvas.
*The canvas is then stretched on wood frames.
*They arrive ready to hang.
*I love the really vibrant photographs on canvas, like this, or this, or this.... I could go on, but you get the idea.
*Because I want you to see them for yourself....(instead of this old art show snapshot) through Wednesday, February 24th, I will be offering a 10% discount for the 1 1/2" canvas pieces. (the first prices shown here. There is nothing you have to do except contact me with the title of the photograph you would like, through my website here. And, I will send you an updated invoice. (If you have questions, or want more information you can use the link on that page too.)
xoxo- A.


Sunny, spring-like (it's over 30 degrees!) Friday loves....

*Discovering summery, unscanned Polaroids that are a perfect match. (diptych here, and individual photographs here.)
* Emerson Made
*Wax seal pendants... but how to choose?
*More office organizing for me =
*More photographs on sale for you.
* 2 trips out = 2 compliments on my boots (the ones my husband doesn't like) = happy me for not listening to him.
*Contemplating wallpaper. (I know, for all the complaining I did, and all the wallpaper I have taken down in this house... it seems a bit crazy. But, just a little couldn't hurt.)
*This dress... to wear on the beach above. 

Have a lovely, lovely weekend. xoxo- A.


Driving home, Sunday night, flip flops, windows open.... everyday this gets a little closer.

*I'm adding more to my "from the road" gallery today.


Recipe for a perfect Saturday...
1. Pretend we are going to the mall.
2. Surprise #1: Ice Skating
3. Surprise #2: Best friends to skate with.
4. Sunshine on our faces.
5. Admire the reflection of old buildings on new buildings while you skate.
6. Do your best Dorthy Hamill impression.
7. Feel old because that is the only skating reference you have...
8. Wonder why you bought skates in college, because clearly your feet were not made for this.
9. Think it's not fair that your yoga instructor best friend looks so smooth and graceful.
10.Plan to start a yearly tradition of skating with friends.
11. Immediately follow with large, Tapas lunch, wine included.


with love from Paris

Dear sweet new friend-

We are so happy you are here. And, while your three brothers may have wished otherwise, I for one am thrilled you are a girl. So thrilled, I have been shopping online for you ever since I heard the news. I've picked out a few Paris inspired treats for you...how I wish I could buy them all. Because it is never too early to start perfecting your french style, or dreaming of Paris. Hurry home... I'll have caramels waiting....

*Everybody Bojours
*Paris Onesie
*French Alphabet Poster
*Heart Tee
*French Notebook
*Outfit #11
P.S. I am sure your parents have already picked out something lovely, but we talked about it on the way home from school and N & J have a few suggestions (just in case you still need a name...)
1. Rainbow
2. Snowflake (very fitting for today).
3. Star
4. Valentine
P.S.S.  I will quit shopping now, and get scanning Saturday's photos. More tomorrow...
xoxo- A.


Nothing makes me happier than a plan coming together. And, for weeks I have been scheming, and talking on the phone in quiet whispers in the bathroom, or laundry room where little girl ears can't hear me. I feel as though I may break down tonight and spill my secret. But, the thought of her surprised face makes me bite my tongue. Morning can't come soon enough.
I hope your weekend is filled with excitement too! xoxox- A.


*She feel asleep on me on the couch last night.
*It is tiring turning 7.
*She still looks the same to me.
*For all we went through 7 years ago, we both deserve cake.
*This is my favorite.(With a little orange zest added.)
*If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen.
xoxo- A.