On My Mind...

*Postcards from my dreams...
* I need another great trip to plan so I will stop thinking about the last one.
* I would really, really love your vote, (and your friends votes too)...  Today is the last day. It is getting so close!
* Obsessing (just a little bit). 
* I am pretty sure we are not cool enough to pull off this look, but wouldn't you look cute in it?
*Loving that J.K. is excited to be 4 and a half today. Wondering when the 1/2 doesn't matter anymore...

Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo- A.


Guest Photographer- N.J.B.

Last May when I went out for this session, M. was kind enough to let my daughter, who greatly looks up to her, tag along. I gave her a Holga to keep her busy for awhile. (Though I think she used all the film in the first 15 minutes.) Unfortunately, I didn't check the bulb setting on the bottom and everything turned into a big blur, a pretty blur nonetheless. Lesson learned.

Note: N.J. is 6 and prefers Polaroid to Holga... but Polaroid film isn't always within her budget and her parents think variety is good.



n.   pl. pop·pies
  1. Any of numerous plants of the genus Papaver, having nodding buds with four crumpled petals, showy red, orange, or white flowers, a milky juice, and capsules that dehisce through terminal pores.
  2.  an appreciation and acknowledgement of the handmade community; a light and fun process to celebrate the Handmade!
Naturally, one poppy made me think of the other today. Your vote really would mean the world to me. (Just a simple click, no sign in or registration.) Though I am thrilled to just be on this list full of women photographers I greatly admire.
And, to celebrate Poppytalk I'll be sending a free mini poppy print with all orders this week (from both my shop or website. Including sale items.)
As always, thank you so much for your support! xoxo- A.


Etsy Shop Sale!

I can't help it, when the temperature gets above 30 degrees I start dreaming about spring.... blooming trees, traveling and new photographs. But, before all that can happen there is work to be done here, cleaning and organizing to make room for the new. So, while they last I am heavily discounting my most overstocked photographs, postcards (including new valentine's,) and calendars.  There are great deals on some of my most popular 8"x8" and 5"x5" prints. You can see the whole selection here!
Enjoy! xoxox- A.



Once upon a time there were two sisters. On laundry day their mother would hang their little gowns, and slips, and dresses among the pines. So they would always smell of fir and new snow...

to be contiued...


There is a fresh blanket of snow, finally enough to ski. I practiced a bit in the yard last night (and the neighbors). Not caring how silly I looked. So my skis are ready for the morning.  And, I hear there will be sun. It is my perfect winter weekend...
What does yours look like?
xoxo- A.


in winter


More driving, through snow, to see a lighthouse on the 45th parallel, where I only got out of the car for 5 minutes because it was too cold to breathe.


3 Days of Snow

(as seen through the car window.)


In Review

Taking a minute to reflect tonight and look back over a wonderful year, my favorites memories from 2009. Mostly because I remember each of these days so clearly. How they made me feel, how warm it was...

There was never time in the last week of the year to celebrate my shop anniversary (4 years!) So I'll be celebrating this week, and offering 20% off all regular priced photographs through January 8th. Just enter the code: "Happy Anniversary" in the message to seller section, and I will send you a refund.
xoxo- A.