2010: The Review

Tonight I took a stroll through 2010... It was such a good year...

Chased seagulls...

Listened and danced with friends...

Swam on a rooftop...
Grew and harvested...

 Followed a hand drawn map to a "secret" lake...

Loved a city


I want to thank you all for visiting this little space of mine this year. Your encouragement always means the world to me. For the next year ahead,  I have very little definite plans made. I am looking forward to cultivating a more spontaneous year and seeing where the wind blows us... I can't wait to share the journey with each of you. Happy new year friends! xoxo- A.



Window shopping...
xoxo- A.


*Tree trimming.
*Snow wishing
*Orders shipping
*Sale having
*Smile making
*Sparkly daydreaming.

....my week so far. How is your going? xoxo- A.


I believe I have eaten my weight in mashed potatoes and now deserve a long, long nap.
Hope you are feeling the same. xoxo- A.

(Above photos are from our Chicago mashed potato meal.)


Chicago: Polaroids

*Because so many of you asked for larger calendars, I've added some here.
*My phone photographs have there own space here.
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From the other side...

Lake Michigan, my lovely muse. I can't stay away, no matter what side of the lake I am near.


Autumn in the City- Day 2

152 toll booths later, we are here...
Chicago you are so pretty in the fall!


Autumn in the City- Day 1

The four of us hit the road last week and headed for the city. I am sure we were quite a sight. One who insists our children no longer need strollers, one who doesn't like to walk, one on crutches, and me completely exhausted before our trip even began. I found my cell phone was the easiest way to document our days and still be able to hold a little hand. In the end these photographs were a perfect match to the mood of the trip. A mix of chaos and beauty. I have a lot more... I hope you'll stop by later this week.
xoxo- A.


Good morning... leaving the woods for a day in the city.
....though I didn't forget to update the outlet first.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo



There is just enough light and just enough breeze to take flight.
We'll follow the clouds...
And, grow where the wind leaves us.