Outlet Update

Today I am wondering what I've gotten myself into. I started organizing our spare room, the room I've kept a lot of supplies for years and years. Brand new boxes of paper, test prints, prints I meant to mat for the last art show but ran out of time. It's all there. Or now here, in my office, with no place to go. (The goal is for the spare room to be a room someone could actually sleep in without being smoother by photographs, cameras and film. Imagine that!)
This week I plan to take a week off from being behind the camera and focus on new orders and organizing my space. The good news is, I'll be updating the "Friday Outlet" each day, not just Friday.
My favorite new items I added so far are:
Hahnemuhle Special Offer I love printing on this paper!
The Poppy Prints
Enjoy! xoxo- A.


Moni Rose said...

Cheers Ashley!

I just wanted to tell you how much I adore you photography, style and details!

I ran across your viewfinder photo set on flickr via ... someone's blog (one of those early morning 'clicking' rants so i don't remember where!)

My husband just bought me a gorgeous new camera and I am very interested in photography ~ but all of your work is incredibly inspired!
Just added you as my new favorite on Etsy :) And I'm a fellow Michigan girl (who lives in WI)


flowrgirl1 said...

Hello, your photos make my heart sing! Incredible emotion in them. I took a black and white photography class in college which i loved! Would like to create my own dark room eventually and really get back into it. Nothing like good ol fashion 35mm slr's. I have a minolta x-370n.

I will be adding you to my etsy too. I'm a MI girl as well but living in NC for a bit.

Char said...

gorgeous - the poppies are just gorgeous

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

LOVING the poppy prints...

Anonymous said...

It has been a pleasure to see your photos in this blog. I must return.