Happy Monday! On my mind today:
1. I'm so honored that Mrs. French invited me to Bliss!
2. I adore today's "Favorite Things" (Though I'm starting to get really sad that next week is our last week.)
3. Obsessing over these, even though the pair I am wearing from last year is incredibly similar.
4. Apple crisp makes a mighty fine breakfast. (The oatmeal on top makes it heart healthy?)
5. The search for the perfect French Onion Soup recipe. This soup is too sweet for me, and I am done making it. (Though better the second day.) I'll be trying this one soon.
6.I still love you, Alton Brown.
7. People who look out for me are the best! Thank you Tracy for noticing my surf photos on "Gary Unmarried." I may have never know. See them there on the back wall?
8. Sunday night with "Away We Go"= perfect at home date night.

Hope your week is off to a good start too!
xoxo- A.


shanon said...

Congrats on your placement! It just might be the best thing on that show, hehe =)

I'm super sad that your Favorite Things is ending next week. But why be sad? Keep it going another year I say! Pretty please?

beth said...

so you loved the movie ???

and congrats on your photos being on TV....wow !

Suzanne said...

My mom makes a pretty killer FOS... if you like I'm sure I could shake loose the recipe. :)

flowrgirl1 said...

I love your photos! Great work.

Char said...

congrats on the photo being used there! :)

Alton is so very funny/quirky. He makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have to tell you when they use your photo? Crazy. I adore your photos.


Anonymous said...

Oh -also, I was wondering if you ever teach web sessions on photography or how to get started selling your photos. Just curious -



Tracy said...

Alicia- Your very welcome!! I'm very excited for you! ~Tracy

Alicia said...

Yes, I liked the ending very much...

Candice- I know my photos could end up on t.v.... I've sold to set decorators and gave permission for use. But, I don't always get told that it actually happened. Some shows don't make it very long, or the design gets changed. I never expect to see anything... And, am thrilled when it works out.

I've never taught a class or have faith in my teaching abilities. I feel like I have so much to learn. Every day I practice and play and experiment. That is my only advice. As for selling, Etsy is a great (low risk, low investment) place to start.

Erin said...

I have to agree on apple crisp as bfast (you get fruit AND grains, sounds healthy to me!)

Mrs.French said...

and you did an amazing job on bliss...congrats on the placement girly...xo t
you are NOT allowed to show me boots anymore! I do not need another obsession! hehe....