I thought that maybe like mine, your week is a bit busy, and moving too fast. Too much to do in too little days.
If so, I offer you some virtual waves to take a little break on. You can stay and float for awhile. The water's warm.
xoxo- A.


Just stopping by to wish you all a happy weekend! What are you up to?
I have visions of apples and some time in the kitchen. For the first time in weeks, and weeks I have no plans. And, it sounds so nice.

P.S. Thank you Mrs. French for making my day. The feeling is very mutual!


The Everywhere Set

I always love the days that new postcard sets are complete. I imagine the messages they will bring to friends. Who knows how far they will travel before they reach their final destination. It all makes me happy.
This set was inspired by my summer in Michigan, a trip to a magical island, and a girl leaving for college who likes to write.
All were taken with my Polaroid land camera, and some lovely old film.
You can find them here and here.


11 Things

1. Lunaria are biennials.
2. I vaguely remember planting some seeds...
3. Somehow I did not mistake them for weeds, and let them grow not only last year, but this spring.
4. They continued growing even when the patio area was redesigned, much dirt displaced. (A fence may have been dropped on them too.)
5. They remind me of my Grandma who had a vase full of them in her hallway.
6. I love the way they sparkle in the sun.
7. And, shine through the lens of my polaroid.
8. I think they are lucky.
9. Peeling their outer skin to reveal their shiny inside is like opening the loveliest present.
10. Many seeds were collected for future years enjoyment.
11. Of course I had to include one more here.


This Morning...

I took a walk this morning through the damp, foggy air to see if what the calendar said was true.
Yes, autumn is indeed here. And, I am missing summer. I think the only thing that could make me feel better would be a new pair of boots and a piece of pumpkin pie.
xoxo- A.


Part II


In the Outlet: Art Prints and More

It's been over a year since my last art show, and probably that long before my next. From the looks of my stock, the matted prints have been multiplying in storage. Yikes! So, slowly, they will make their way to the outlet. As a few did today, as well as the prints above. The prints are from a publisher I work with, and in perfect condition.
Images available are:
Pink Sugar
Hydrangea #2

(I know it isn't Friday, but I was too excited to wait. I'll try to add a few then too!)


I've been dreaming about Paris again. Not daydreams. (Ok, just a few.) But, real dreams at night too, and quite frequently lately. I am not sure why, but I am not complaining. There are worse places to dream of.
All of this dreaming led me back to my Paris files. I didn't realize there were so many that never made it to my website. They are there now.
Sweet dreams...


He drives the boat. I sit with my camera.
It is my favorite part of the day.


Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. There is a new photo here.


20 Days

i want to remember:
*the sun in their hair
*how close they have become this summer
*that they never wear shoes
*the 7 teeth they have lost (between the 2 of them)
*that we still have 20 days of summer to enjoy the hazy evening light.