8 Things

This week I:
* Tried to chase down my boy's summer day curls, only to be met with the blur of him running to play.
* Ate R.J's delicious homemade onion rings.
*Was thankful for the rain.
* Wished on 12 shooting stars.
* Got used to the fact that as long as my daughter is around... there will be toads too. (One day they caught 19.)
*Did not have to wear a jacket, ever... a first for our chilly summer.
* Bought a fun, plastic, toy camera.
* Made a plan to use it.... stay tuned.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo- A.


PamperingBeki said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.

And now I need to eat onion rings. YUM!

Char said...

sounds like a great summer so far!

Anna said...

can't wait to hear what kind of plastic camera and see what comes out of it!!

Ivory Faces said...

What a lovely lovely set of pictures. I adore them. Your summer sounds amazing.

elizabeth said...

onion rings, yumm.

my siblings used to catch frogs. i couldn't .. though i might've been less afraid if they were that nice small size. :)

Kitty said...

oh i love the tiny toad pic!! takes me back to my own summers as a child, staying out all evening with friends to find them.

my mother still has a note i wrote her years ago, asking if i could have a tiny toad for my birthday... ;o)