The Friday Outlet

Happy Friday to you all!
I've spent the morning doing something I've been wanting to do for years... adding a little discount section to my site. It's called The Friday Outlet, you can find it here. I promise to add new items each week. (Yes on Friday.) So far I've included just a few pieces found in my office. One day I hope to tap into my matted art show stock. I want nothing more than to move from this house someday, but the thought of having to move all of my art stops all my daydreaming. So maybe we can help each other. I'll give you a great deal, and you can help me de-clutter.

You never know what you will find. Most everything is one of a kind. Some pieces are damaged, but I will describe each one in detail so you know exactly what your getting and why it is in the outlet. Please read the full listing.
Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Cheers! xoxo- A.


fresh tomatoes
flowers blooming
cicadas spreading their brand new wings
...just another day in August.


The start of a little series of "Postcards to Myself". I am not sure what I will do with them. Or how long it will last. Probably as long as I have film for the 340.


A Summer Sunday

Yesterday, an it's too hot in the city, spontaneous beach day. Apparently, 99.9% of Michigan had the same idea. But, it was perfect for testing out the new toy. Any guesses? I did not alter these in any way, though I did open up the back and expose the film when I thought it was rewound...opps.
So, that explains the colors.
I'm off to work on a project for the rest of the week. So, my internet access will be very limited for a few days. Two bikes and five cameras... I can't wait to get to work!

Have a wonderful week! -A.


8 Things

This week I:
* Tried to chase down my boy's summer day curls, only to be met with the blur of him running to play.
* Ate R.J's delicious homemade onion rings.
*Was thankful for the rain.
* Wished on 12 shooting stars.
* Got used to the fact that as long as my daughter is around... there will be toads too. (One day they caught 19.)
*Did not have to wear a jacket, ever... a first for our chilly summer.
* Bought a fun, plastic, toy camera.
* Made a plan to use it.... stay tuned.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo- A.



In the last moments before the sun set, we took a walk, In the same field I used to play. She picked one flower for her Grandma, roots and all. And, left the rest to grow.


Happy Weekend! xoxo- A.



On my mind...
*This basket.
Anything by Local Libray, but especially this today.
*Always red...
*The quest of the perfect pair of jeans. These have been my go-to jeans for summer, but I know there is a better jean out there. (I'd love to hear what you're wearing!)
*How cute (and functional) this bag would be when riding my bike home from the grocery store.
*How lovely it would feel to swim. If only the summer wasn't so cold, (which explains my need for jeans in August!)
* Sparkling diamonds on the water. Luckily, when you are on a tiny little island there isn't much to do besides follow the light. The last of which is moonlight. Which makes it extra special.


As part of my highly anticipated week of just being home, eating at home, and getting caught up, we gathered a feast at the city market today. There is something about talking to the farmers about their food that makes the whole process of buying, cooking, and eating so much more enjoyable. You can't really tell from the Polaroid, but some of the eggs are the most perfect shade of blue-green. They were delicious for dinner on a piece of light, freshly baked, Italian bread.
(P.S. Wouldn't you know it... we are off on another mini road trip tomorrow... so much for the plan. At least I have treats for the ride.)
Cheers! -A.